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Sara Cameron McBean

Case studies, analysis, features

True stories from the children’s movement for peace in Colombia including excerpts, additional stories, and features.

Out of War

A novel of elephants in Kenya. Winner of a Turner Tomorrow Award and the Edward Abbey Award for Eco-Fiction

Natural Enemies

Books Studies

Communication is one of the keys to sustaining social development. An introduction to strategic communication is accompanied by examples from Kenya and Tanzania including the Child Alive campaign in Kenya which mobilized religious leaders for child survival; the Children’s Agenda, a national advocacy campaign for child rights in Tanzania, the stop violence campaign and more…



Review of programmes that are empowering some of the poorest communities in the world: schools for working children in Bangladesh; village development in Papua New Guinea; combating discrimination against women in India; nomadic schools for northern Sudan; and working for peace with children in Colombia. More stories from Senegal, Nepal, Kenya, Tanzania, Iraq, and Brazil.

Colombia Natual Enemies La Paix

First person

Advocacy and communication for social change

Selected writing

“They were coming to kill us!”

Much of the work on this site was originally produced for UNICEF although the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of  UNICEF


Paul, 8 years, Eldoret “ My father came running into the house and screamed that ‘they’ were coming to kill us. I did not know who ‘they’ were and when I asked my father he said that it was because of our tribe. My father led the way as my siblings and I ran after him towards St. Paul’s church…

Currently advising consulting group Participatory Development Associates on the development of a UN-funded situation analysis of adolescents and young people in Ghana. Recent assignments also include guiding development of an advocacy strategy on nutrition for UN agencies in Tanzania; research on water and sanitation for UNICEF Innocenti and development of an advocacy package  for the Children’s agenda in Tanzania. Contact


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